Monday, February 17, 2014

my current projects

I'm Re-habing 2 Samantha Dolls and one is from late 80-early nineties and one is from mid 1990 but both are pre- mattel and  i have learned so much about getting skin conditioned, hair straightened or curly, re-stringing and stuffing and KEEPING AS MUCH INTACT as possible. In my opinion- the value is lost once EXTRA parts from the AG hospital, are added to PC dolls. My big dilemma was putting in AG eyelashes which would essentially just give my PM PC doll AG doll eyes and lashes- which are NOT soft and brown and instead , black, plastic and stiff. It would be fine if i wanted to just give her to one of the kids but, I'm not doing that- she will later be sold in a set later this year! My 2nd doll needed her leg put back on ( yep, i did it too), skin care and hair care- that's about it!
Here's Sam #1. she is older and has better pigmentation- in my opinion. In the next few posts i will show you the color differentials in the YEARS and plastic DYES and such. It's very interesting indeed- well, if you like this kind of stuff!

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