Saturday, September 27, 2014

DIY- American Girl Doll Party- REAL ice cream- Cone Cupcakes

SO, THESE cupcakes are made with REAL ice cream on top! Here's how we pulled it off on a HOT day!!!

First step is here!
The REST goes something like this... Get WILTON melting chocolates in your desired color or colors, sprinkles, small candies or cookie/chocolate crumbles- ( like toppings or crushed candy bar pieces). 

Place sprinkles in a flat bottomed bowl if you have one( you will use less sprinkles)
MELT the chocolate according to directions and then dip the edges of the cone in the chocolate
DIP- IT - roll the edges- or straight on- your choice!

Then Roll in sprinkles:)

SET upright to dry!

THEN add REAL ice cream to the top and a cherry or any other garnish and ENJOY!

FOR BEST results- DO not add topping until RIGHT before you serve them up!
Place all ice cream cones in freezer- immediately after scooping on the cone- get out a few minutes before serving them up! Then add toppings and Sing that BiRtHDay SOnG and EAT!

Thanks and enjoy!

Monday, September 8, 2014

AG pool B-day Party

its been FOREVER since i posted but a purchase of a new home, renovations and move will do that to ya! Not to mention the 4 kids and 2 different school schedules... Anyways, Here's some Deets on Aria's AG pool party...

We stuck with the pink and red and white  ( AG) and added AQUA as our POOL color for decorations and such...

( that's my number if you ever have ?'s on doll or party stuff- its all over the web so, no worries)

I collected PINK AND RED AND WHITE decor and party things right after VALENTINE'S when things went on MAJOR SALE!!! then i got some items off in those colors.
I stuck with polkadots and stripes to keep it clean and sweet this time. (only on certain years do i do OVer ThE ToP parties. This is a more simple and fun one!

 ARIA got Samantha for her birthday ( PC) with outfits and all- She was ecstatic - Now we have 4 Dolls( actually five but one is mine:)!!!

 REAL ice cream on top of  lemon cake-filled ice cream cups! I dipped the rims of the cones in aqua wilton melting chocolate then rolled or sprinkled pink red and white sprinkles ( valentines wilton mix) then they cooled and i scooped one big scoop of REAL vanilla ice cream ( no fake crap here)- topped with some more sprinkles and a cherry ( i hate those cherries but kids love 'em)!

  i filled those cute take out boxes and goody trays with chips, cheetos, swedish fish , mini rice kris pies, etc. and we served subs, veggies, fruits & drinks as well. The KIDS had a great time!
 We had a SAFE ZONE for the dolls while we swam so little brothers didn't have access to the girls!
its a pink crab baby pool:)
 CANT BELIEVE SHE IS SO BIG NOW! time flies and I'm just a momma trying to soak it all in while they are little!
 have ?'s call or email me- you have my info!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mini Dresser DIY project for our AG dolls

This is just a coat of paint and varnish but what a WAY FUN look- compared to the DRAB color it was before!

SEE- a coat goes a LONG WAY! FInd something like a jewelry box with drawers at the
thrift shop and give it a makeover and have an instant dresser without paying 60-80.!
( ps. I have 2 more pieces I'm making over!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter Baskets -FILLED

WHY PAY 12-24.99 for a doll basket full of goodies when you can make it YOURSELF?
HERE's what you need...

( don't mind my craft floor- lots of HOT GLUE GUN stains ( luckily the carpet will be ripped out soon)

Tiny Baskets ( as many as you need) : found at thrift store
small ribbons: found at joanns in sale isle- Martha Stewart
little chicks: found at michaels or joanns
Mini eggs( foam) & gum mini eggs : Found at Dollar Tree
TREATS/Lollipops : made by me- here
flowers and paper grass: found at any dollar store
and whatever else you want! 
(i'm thinking of attempting the peeps found here- just make the clay part)

 SO FUN! The ribbons could have been pressed but for how long my girls play with them- now way. So, another suggestion you can wrap the whole handle with ribbon or weave ribbon thru any part of the basket for a more creative approach.
 These tiny gum eggs are PERFECT size and so adorable in pastel shades! I love the tiny carton too- worth saving for other doll play in the kitchen!
 My younger daughters basket for her Ruthie! 
ENJOY getting ready for EASTER and all the wonderful 

Saturday, March 22, 2014


 SO... To make your OWN adorable dog bed- you will need... A hot glue gun, a small amount of high density foam ( whatever thickness you desire), glue sticks...
a left over container that will fit your dogs size . i used a ziploc sandwich bag container and a whipped topping container. Cut an entry so your dog can get in:)...

Cut your faom to fit the bed size- don't leave to much room if you don't want it flopping about...
GET leftover fabric scraps, ribbon, or whatever. I used a towel type chenille for the bed pad and these others for the outside. 

 Cut and glue your fabric side by side to your container first. Then glue your fabric to your foam. After you have trimmed out your dog bed- add LOTS of hot glue to the bottom and press your bed pad in firmly. If you wish use gimp braid or ribbon to trim out the bed. 
This project costed about 1.50 each b/c i used scraps i already had at home.

The completed COCONUT BED!

The back of the bed we added a flower and some bling to trim it out!

And Meatloaf got his bed too! A bit more simple- like He likes it!

Two Happy Pups with NEW dog beds- Perfect for your American Girls Favorite pet- Make it for the cats too- if you wish!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top of the Morning to Ya!

No, i didn't make GREEN eggs and Ham for our dolls! But, i made eggs and bacon! Brielle(8) made the egg and i made the bacon strips. This was easy and fun and perfect for kids 6+!

What are your fav doll breakfast items?
I'm getting ready to MAKE molds for muffins, cupcakes, and more. Croissants are SIMPLE and easy to make, as well and sausage links, strawberries, pancakes etc! Have fun playing with your FOOD!:)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Favorite Doll matching Brands

Some of us LOVE to match our dolls. Not all of us are willing to MAKE all the outfits. For those who like to find cute dollie matching outfits what are your favorite Brands?

well, whatever brand or made at home- its so much fun to MATCH!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Differences in AG doll and AGING your Doll

There are some OBVIOUS differences in the times your PC doll was made. this Site has tons of info on dating correctly ( though you may still be off a bit).

 AG Wikia says this about the dolls. You can see noticeable changes over time and as Mattel started to mass produce the dolls more  in China.  Here you have 3 pre-mattel dolls ( PM) and one transitional doll. Can you tell?
Kirsten ( on R) has such a PALE skin tone and the neck stamping of ALL CAPS in perfect lettering- she is a transitional doll- but is still marked PC on the back of her neck- AG peeps like to say she is JAUNDICE looking and that is pretty accurate.
Samantha and Kirsten are made around the same time - both PM with a GOOD coloring in their skin- my guess is both were made between 1990-1996.
This KIT is slightly earlier than Samantha- her coloring is more like a paint and her hair is dry and brittle. All these dolls have soft brown lashes.

This stamp is a good indicator of a Transitional  ERA Doll. she could have been made in 1997-2000. My guess is nearer to 2000-02 before they did away with neck stamps altogether.

notice the trans doll on right has darker- less soft lashes and you can see the difference in color in the makeup! See how Kit's lashes seem thinner too? well. Have fun DATING/AGING your PC doll and enjoy learning all about the beginnings of PC dolls! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

doll placemats...

So- if you haven't figured it out ... these cute doll placemats are coasters!!! 

You can find them almost anywhere from Target to the Thrift shop!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

The BEAUTY SALON for our AG dolls!

 My Girls got the Salon Chair and the caddy and extras for Valentine's Day! They were OVERJOYED!
We bought the chair of CL and the caddy and accessories ( sold together) of Ebay. We scored big time and saved a bundle. 

 The girls don't care if things are OLD or used before- everything was in excellent condition too!
If you don't feel like buying one but want to MAKE one- click here!
 I labored the night before and made tiny red skirts for the girls and put cute felt and foam stickers on their plain 3/4 sleeve tees! They ALL had a great Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 17, 2014

my current projects

I'm Re-habing 2 Samantha Dolls and one is from late 80-early nineties and one is from mid 1990 but both are pre- mattel and  i have learned so much about getting skin conditioned, hair straightened or curly, re-stringing and stuffing and KEEPING AS MUCH INTACT as possible. In my opinion- the value is lost once EXTRA parts from the AG hospital, are added to PC dolls. My big dilemma was putting in AG eyelashes which would essentially just give my PM PC doll AG doll eyes and lashes- which are NOT soft and brown and instead , black, plastic and stiff. It would be fine if i wanted to just give her to one of the kids but, I'm not doing that- she will later be sold in a set later this year! My 2nd doll needed her leg put back on ( yep, i did it too), skin care and hair care- that's about it!
Here's Sam #1. she is older and has better pigmentation- in my opinion. In the next few posts i will show you the color differentials in the YEARS and plastic DYES and such. It's very interesting indeed- well, if you like this kind of stuff!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

EASTER is around the Corner...

I found this tiny basket in a bag of odds and ends at our local thrift shop-  there were 5! And they are PERFECTLY sized for our dolls and the Easter Eggs  are fabulously glittery and found at Dollar tree.

I used scrap ribbon( martha stewart craft) and tiny flowers ( also from dollar tree ) to decorate the baskets!

 Just look AROUND and see what is at your local TS and can be used for your dolls! You will save buckets of cash and have some one of a kind pieces!