Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BEST deals on unfinished furniture for dolls

If you are a DIY person but not a woodworker ( or married to one) you will LOVE finding UNFINISHED DOLL FURNITURE and making it your own. I have searched far and wide from EBAY to ETSY and everything else. ALL the websites you can think of with unfinished doll furniture.

IT's Overwhelming at times. I'm trying to SAVE but it seems some sellers just don't care! I have found ebay sellers selling a basic farm table with 2 chairs for WAYYY too much!

I dont need to buy AMISH made items. that look the same as the ones on Millstores.com

Seriously- a set for 140 versus a full set for less than 65. ( minus shipping and stain)

I've looked over some of the mom and pop shops and boutiques online and by far for SOLID WOOD Millstores.com is the LEAST expensive in this style. ( above)

This ebay seller is selling this unfinished set for 75. and really is quite a deal compared to other shops online i have seen. IF you aren't able to make your own - there are some good deals out there- you just have to look.

here's the chair from Millstores.com- the back is different but not that big of a deal compared to the AMISH made ones. search under DOLL in the search box and see all the LOW priced solid wood doll furniture and such that they have- the wardrobe prices can't be beat. If you don't want to paint it- they have the option for finishing it for you for a fee!
People on EBAY are selling this bed for around 45. and on Millstores its 19.99!

 If you want to make your own and think you have the GUTS to make it look awesome search here  and find out how! So many different ways to make a table and chairs.
I found a thick wood candle sticks and some round wooden plaques and i think i will challenge myself and make a BISTRO style table for our dolls. Also- always look on CL in your area for gently used doll furniture- you can often save HEEPS! Good luck and comment f you've succeeded at making or designing or refinishing your own doll furniture! 

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