Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Duct Tape and DIY doll purse crafts

this pinterest post by Anna @ Doll diaries inspired me to try it for myself!
 Here's what mine turned out like
I made a coordinating headband as well! I added metallic trim in aqua for more a real purse feel/look.
The mini flowers are from MS and are available at most craft stores like Michaels/Joanns.

I added ribbon to the back of the sequins strap BUT I HATE IT- so don't add ribbon to the back!
I used sparkling polkadot tulle from Hobby Lobby and did the headband in a gorgeous green crinkle taffeta fabric! and lined the inside with simple grosgrain.
I added velcro to both side BUT- the hot glue comes right off the tape so- back the tape with a thin piece of fabric that will help bond it- or use a better glue like gorilla glue, super glue etc.
There is a learning curve here and i really think this project is appropriate for girls over 8. It was rough for the 2 six yr olds who got frustrated with tape issues! And of course- the adults projects will always look better but the kids really are proud of what they made! It was super fun and we made 6 purses in about an hour!

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