Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Differences in AG doll and AGING your Doll

There are some OBVIOUS differences in the times your PC doll was made. this Site has tons of info on dating correctly ( though you may still be off a bit).

 AG Wikia says this about the dolls. You can see noticeable changes over time and as Mattel started to mass produce the dolls more  in China.  Here you have 3 pre-mattel dolls ( PM) and one transitional doll. Can you tell?
Kirsten ( on R) has such a PALE skin tone and the neck stamping of ALL CAPS in perfect lettering- she is a transitional doll- but is still marked PC on the back of her neck- AG peeps like to say she is JAUNDICE looking and that is pretty accurate.
Samantha and Kirsten are made around the same time - both PM with a GOOD coloring in their skin- my guess is both were made between 1990-1996.
This KIT is slightly earlier than Samantha- her coloring is more like a paint and her hair is dry and brittle. All these dolls have soft brown lashes.

This stamp is a good indicator of a Transitional  ERA Doll. she could have been made in 1997-2000. My guess is nearer to 2000-02 before they did away with neck stamps altogether.

notice the trans doll on right has darker- less soft lashes and you can see the difference in color in the makeup! See how Kit's lashes seem thinner too? well. Have fun DATING/AGING your PC doll and enjoy learning all about the beginnings of PC dolls! 

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