Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter Baskets -FILLED

WHY PAY 12-24.99 for a doll basket full of goodies when you can make it YOURSELF?
HERE's what you need...

( don't mind my craft floor- lots of HOT GLUE GUN stains ( luckily the carpet will be ripped out soon)

Tiny Baskets ( as many as you need) : found at thrift store
small ribbons: found at joanns in sale isle- Martha Stewart
little chicks: found at michaels or joanns
Mini eggs( foam) & gum mini eggs : Found at Dollar Tree
TREATS/Lollipops : made by me- here
flowers and paper grass: found at any dollar store
and whatever else you want! 
(i'm thinking of attempting the peeps found here- just make the clay part)

 SO FUN! The ribbons could have been pressed but for how long my girls play with them- now way. So, another suggestion you can wrap the whole handle with ribbon or weave ribbon thru any part of the basket for a more creative approach.
 These tiny gum eggs are PERFECT size and so adorable in pastel shades! I love the tiny carton too- worth saving for other doll play in the kitchen!
 My younger daughters basket for her Ruthie! 
ENJOY getting ready for EASTER and all the wonderful 

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