Saturday, September 27, 2014

DIY- American Girl Doll Party- REAL ice cream- Cone Cupcakes

SO, THESE cupcakes are made with REAL ice cream on top! Here's how we pulled it off on a HOT day!!!

First step is here!
The REST goes something like this... Get WILTON melting chocolates in your desired color or colors, sprinkles, small candies or cookie/chocolate crumbles- ( like toppings or crushed candy bar pieces). 

Place sprinkles in a flat bottomed bowl if you have one( you will use less sprinkles)
MELT the chocolate according to directions and then dip the edges of the cone in the chocolate
DIP- IT - roll the edges- or straight on- your choice!

Then Roll in sprinkles:)

SET upright to dry!

THEN add REAL ice cream to the top and a cherry or any other garnish and ENJOY!

FOR BEST results- DO not add topping until RIGHT before you serve them up!
Place all ice cream cones in freezer- immediately after scooping on the cone- get out a few minutes before serving them up! Then add toppings and Sing that BiRtHDay SOnG and EAT!

Thanks and enjoy!

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