Tuesday, January 28, 2014

making POLYMER CLAY FOODS for your doll

there are so many sites and blogs and youtube Videos out there teaching you how to make clay foods. I have found Toni Ellisons to be pretty spot on! Her's are mini but, you an adjust size to your AG doll.

click over here for a COOL PIZZA tutorial

Here's our first attempts at some clay foods...
this is our CLAY salad bowl- we found the small bowls at Dollar tree, watched
the lettuce leaf tutorial on pinterest and made some tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. The 
bowl are heat resistant and i baked it all in there then applied a clear enamel paint so it stayed put and
gave it a nice glossy fresh tossed look!

 Our Pineapple Fro-Yo- also found on Toni Ellison's youtube channel.
 i figured that fortune cookies would be easy for the girls to do with me- i would have picked a better clay color though. And another chocolate fro- yo with cookie, sprinkles and sparkling cherry!
My 6 yr. old LOVES pickles and so we made these together!
We are learning slowly but, having fun making these fun faux foods!

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